The laboratory frame for the production of high quality yarns
One machine: five working modalities
Fancy yarns – Special yarns
Types of yarns
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The laboratory frame for the production of high quality yarns
One machine: five working modalities
Fancy yarns – Special yarns

Fanta ONE

Our FANTAONE is a laboratory machine for the production of high quality samples of all the yarns that can be produced on any of our machine models. It has been specially designed for technical institutes as well as for the yarn manufacturers that want to develop new yarn samples without stopping their production.

The machine produces FANCY TWISTED YARNS and TECHNICAL YARNS from roving (roving frame or finisher) with one or two hollow spindles, ring rail and winding group. The drafting group may feature one, two or three drafts and can process both short staple cotton fibers and long staple woollen fibers. It is possible to feed the machine also from yarn (YARN TO YARN) and from sliver in cans with suitable external creels that can be supplied upon request. The bottom hollow spindle can be used as a take-up spindle by means of special adaptors developed by us.

The yarn programmes created on the machine are used directly on the production machines which makes the FANTAONE essential for the spinning mills.

The machine can also be used as a BOBBIN WINDER to prepare the flanged bobbins with the binding yarn. Upon request it is possible to supply different types of needle heads to install in place of the hollow spindles to produce SPECIAL YARNS like TUBE YARNS, TUBE FILLED YARNS and AIRJET SOFTKNIT YARNS.

The conversation is a simple and quick operation.

Types of yarns

Yarns for Hand KnittingYarns for KnittingYarns for WeavingYarns for ApparelYarns for Upholstery FabricsTechnical YarnsProtechMobiltech

Working modalities

One hollow spindle (one binding yarn) and take-up on incorporated cone

Two hollow spindles (two binding yarns) and take-up on incorporated cone

One hollow spindle and take-up on bobbin

Direct spinning bypassing the hollow spindle, take-up on bobbin

Preparation of the flanged bobbins with binding yarn

Production facilities

  • Management software with simple and intuitive interface
  • Yarn programmes and working modalities software-selectable
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Remote assistance that can be enabled directly from the machine PC
  • Energy G MONITORING for the real-time measurement of the electrical power consumption upon request

Optional Accessories

  • Needle heads
  • Air-jet application
  • Injection bars
  • Final yarn detectors
  • Stop-motions for the core yarn
  • Creel from cans
  • Creel from yarn


Our FANTA ONE has the ACIMIT Green Label Certification and it complies with INDUSTRY 4.0 ready.

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