Many services available to facilitate our customers’ activities

SERVICES Trial room

A trial room is available in our company for our customers to see the different machine models produced by us and testing directly their quality and performance. By appointment it is possible to develop small quantities of yarn samples.

SERVICES Production control

The PRODUCTION CONTROL software checks each machine's production data in real-time. In fact, by means of this software, it is possible to control the production programs, the meters (or Kilos) of yarn produced, and machine downtimes from a remote PC or different device. In this way, Customer can easily monitor their production from their offices.

SERVICES Remote control

The REMOTE CONTROL is an additional service from a remote PC that allows our technicians to act remotely on the PC and the PLC installed on the customer’s machine. In this way, it is possible to avoid on-site interventions of our technicians and therefore to solve problems with a great saving of time and costs. This service is organized and managed entirely by our technicians. The software installed on the machines enables the customer to request remote assistance directly from the PC, allowing our technicians to access the machine. It is important to point out that our technicians can access the machines only if remote assistance has been requested and authorized by the customer. In this way, customers’ data confidentiality is guaranteed.

SERVICES Spare parts

We are able to supply spare parts and accessories promptly and everywhere in the world. Mechanical and electronic components of all machines produced by us are available with us. We are always at our customers’ disposal to suggest suitable spare art and advise the cost and delivery time.

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