Applications to facilitate any production activity

Full control of production costs

Energy G MONITORING is a measuring system of the electricity. It allows to monitor in real time the actual machine energy cost for each yarn produced. This system can be installed on any of our machine models upon request.

Maximizing the production, minimizing the operating costs

Yarn G QUALITY is an integrated software developed by us to program the detectors and manage the yarn breakages directly from the machine PC, without using external control units. The software helps to reduce the maintenance costs as well as the cost of the personnel in charge of the supervision on the machine.

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Your technician at your fingertips

Yarn G LAB is an app created for all the technicians that are involved in the manufacture of fancy yarns.
The App, that is free of charge and can be downloaded from any platform, features tools open to everybody as well as a reserved area for our customers with several additional functions.

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