Our spare parts department is able to make quick deliveries of spare parts and accessories all over the world. We keep in stock the mechanical and electronical parts of all our machinery. We are always at our customers’ disposal to suggest which part better suits his requirements and to advise price and delivery time.


Our company flagship service is the remote assistance we offer our Customers.

We are able to provide a quick technical and mechanical support, electronical and technological both over the phone and in person but mostly electronically by means of our efficient remote service.

Our remote service is organized and operated exclusively by our technicians.

By means of TeamViewer (or similar software) our technician will access the PC installed on customer’s machine (that must be connected to the internet). By doing so the on-site intervention of our technician will be avoided and problems will be solved more quickly and at much lower costs: via remote service we can intervene directly in the PC, the PLC and all the other hardware components in the machine, thus solving quickly these problems.

Gualchieri e Gualchieri, acting as a partner also in respect of technical training, offer all customers training sessions on our machinery, paying special attention to the production needs of every Customer.


As a consequence of the great success we had at ITMA 2015 with our sample machine that represents most of our machinery models with one single headstock, we have decided to open at our premises a showroom at our Customers’ disposal.

In this space it is possible to view different machinery models that are manufactured by us testing their quality and performances.

Upon appointment it is possible to arrange yarn samples.