Spikextra FT

Machine specifically studied to reach high productions of particularly soft yarns for knitting

Machine for the production of ribbon yarn from roving. Take-up on incorporated cones directly placed under the needle heads.

The machine can also have a modular structure (up to 6 independent 8-position sections controlled by one single headstock).

Through industrial PC onboard the machine the data are inserted and the programs are saved, all the axis are controlled by the PLC that ensures the correct speed in millesimal measure with exceptional results on the quality of the final yarn produced.

Operative modality

  • SPIKEXTRA: one needle head and take-up on incorporated cone.


  • ST – from roving/sliver with 1 draft line (ST1) or 2 draft lines (ST2) also for short cotton staples (patented system).


  • Yarns for knitting
  • Special yarns