Spikefilo EP Air

Quality machine for the production of air jet yarns that meet the flexibility that is currently requested by the market: many small lots of different yarns.

24 position machine for the production of soft air jet yarns from roving.

The machine features one needle head and one take-up bobbin per position plus PATENTED air system to bring the fiber on the needle head.

Double draft machine (patented system) to process also short staples.

Through industrial PC onboard the machine the data are inserted and the programs are saved, all the axis are controlled by the PLC.

Operative modalities

  • SPIKEFILO The yarn is produced with one needle head and is taken-up on bobbin.


  • ST – from roving/sliver with 1 draft line (ST1) or 2 draft lines (ST2) also for short cotton staples (patented system).